Porch Project Becoming a Reality

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For years, we knew that something has been missing at Beechwood, despite our lovely facilities and grounds. Now, we’re hoping to add a screened porch so that more of our residents can easily benefit from the healing power of the outdoors. Almost every resident places a high value on being outdoors. And all are grateful for the options that we have. However, residents have been limited in their ability to get outside when it’s raining, or when the relentless summer sun puts them at risk for sunburn or an exacerbation of their neurological disability.

With the new porch, now we’ll have a space that is outdoors, but safer than outdoors. It will have the aesthetic benefits of being outside in the woods or in a garden without the possible risks of going completely outside. Residents will be able to experience most of the benefits of being there without the difficulty of transporting themselves there. They won’t have to worry whether they’ll be able to get back or about getting stranded in inclement weather.

Jenny, a Beechwood resident, says, “I want to feel like I’m home on my own. A porch would remind me of being back on my own deck. Typically, I spend most of my days in the living room or outside when the weather permits. My limited freedom will be expanded by having a porch where I can go to read. I’m an avid reader, and it will be so nice to be out of the sun and under fans in a screened-in area.

An added benefit will be the addition of a fireplace to enjoy in the cooler weather.  Another advantage to building the porch will be the additional storage space underneath that will be climate controlled to house wheelchairs, beds and other equipment needed by the residents.

Our new porch will be a wonderful expansion of the Beechwood experience for all of our residents.  It truly will be a dream come true! With your help, we can reach our goal.  Please consider donating today!  

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