The Beechwood Home (established in 1890) is a not-for-profit, long-term care nursing facility dedicated to helping our residents with neurological conditions live their most fulfilling lives.   We specialize in providing high-quality, long-term care with advanced rehabilitation and restorative services and therapeutic and recreational activities. We offers the area’s most comprehensive services for a wide range of neurodegenerative, cerebral vascular, spinal cord and other medical conditions. 

The Beechwood Home currently has 80 beds and 76 of these beds are in private rooms. 

Our core values are customer service, continuous quality improvement, innovation, and efficient resource management.


Resident Snapshot as of January 2024:


Accepted Insurance and Private Pay Rate

The private pay rate for room & board at the facility is $370/day (approximatly $11,000 month).  The Beechwood Home also accepts Ohio Medicaid (Traditional and MyCare Ohio) and VA Contracts.


Waiting List

The Beechwood Home currently has a maximum occupancy of 80 beds, 76 of which are in private rooms.  If you are interested in residing at our facility, it is encouraged that a Waiting List Application be completed in addition to submitting medical information for the Admission Committee to review.  The Admissions Coordinator will contact you if your application has been selected for further review.  Please contact Heather if you have any questions about the facility.


Admissions Coordinator

Heather Hefren, MSW, LSW
Director of Social Services
Social Services/Admissions Coordinator
C: 513-702-8301
F: 513-533-6413
*for prompt response, recommend texting or emailing

The Beechwood Home