Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help residents/patients increase or maintain their highest level of independence/safety in daily living activities. Beechwood Home treatment plans include self-care tasks such as feeding, toileting, and accessibility to the environment, wheelchair mobility/positioning, contracture management, energy conservation, and adaptive equipment/technology.

Outpatient Therapy

Available upon request. Please contact Sarah Apfeld-Inman, OTR/L at 513-842-2772 to discuss.

Physical Therapy

Beechwood Home physical therapists develop an individual plan of care for each resident/patient so that they may achieve the highest quality of life. Assisting individuals in achieving their maximum level of functional independence/safety in mobility involves a combination of therapy to decrease pain, while increasing or maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance. We offer ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and diathermy to assist in meeting goals.


Beechwood Home offers to all residents programs designed by our therapists and followed through with and supervised by the Fitness/Restorative Staff members who are all state tested nurse aides with additional training in all the programs provided. The therapy gym provides exercise equipment to address a variety of ongoing fitness needs in a supportive and fun environment.


Beechwood Home speech and language pathologists work with patients who have communication and swallowing deficits. By improving speech patterns or learning to use speech assistive devices, the patient's ability to communicate with staff, family, and friends is greatly enhanced. The speech therapists also perform swallowing evaluations and treatments, working to ensure that the patient is able to eat safely and maintain or improve their nutritional status. In addition, we offer electrical stimulation as an adjunct approach to help facilitate the strength of the swallow.

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