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Admissions and Billing

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Life at Beechwood

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Admissions and Billing

Clinical Consideration

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Life at Beechwood

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General Questions

How many beds do you have?  Answer: The facility has a maximum capacity for 80 residents.  Rooms consist of 76 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms.

How should mail be addressed and where is the facility located?  Answer: Beechwood is located in the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati Ohio (directions)
Mail should be addressed as:
The Beechwood Home
Attn: _______________ Room No. ____
2140 Pogue Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45208

How does Beechwood differ from other nursing homes?

Are you currently hiring?  Answer: Yes, see Careers at Beechwood

Do you accept volunteers?  Answer: Yes, see Volunteering at Beechwood

Is smoking permitted in the facility?  Answer: No, Beechwood is a smoke free facility which means there is no smoking in the facility or anywhere on the premises.

What are visiting hours?  Answer: There are no formal visiting hours at the facility.  We encourage family members to visit whenever their schedule permits.  The facility does ask that visitors take note of the time and keep noise at a minimum during sleeping hours.

Is there any event space available for personal use?   Answer: Yes, for a minimal fee.

Is Beechwood a for-profit or non-profit organization?  Answer: The Beechwood Home is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, long-term care skilled nursing facility.  We offer the area’s most comprehensive services for a wide range of neurodegenerative, cerebral vascular, spinal cord, and other medical conditions; i.e. Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and Huntington’s.  We specialize in providing high quality, long-term care together with advanced rehabilitation and restorative services, as well as therapeutic and recreational activities that the optimized functionality and quality of life for our residents.

Can I bring my children to visit?  Answer: Children of all ages can visit anytime.

Can I bring a family pet to the facility for a visit?  Answer: We would love for your family pet to come visit. Please remember to clean up after them and take the proper safety measures at all times. All pets are to be kept on a leash and should have all current vaccinations.

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Welcome to The Beechwood Home! For information regarding Covid 19, Click here.

Note on Visitation during COVID outbreaks: Visitation has always been permitted during the internal spread covid-19 outbreak which began on 12/28/21. 

Our recommendation to limit visitation has been entirely prompted by the goal to safeguard the wellbeing of our Visitors, Staff, and Residents. 

Visitors who have felt comfortable entering the facility since this Covid-19 outbreak began on 12/28/21 have done so freely.  A majority of our Visitors have chosen to postpone entering the facility out of concern for their own health/wellbeing, which is very much understandable. 

If you don't feel comfortable entering the facility, please share this with the Resident that you know. If you feel that they are having difficulty understanding why you made the decision you did, please contact Nursing or Social Services and we would be happy to try to help them better understand this delicate situation.  

Should You Take the COVID Vaccine?  Click Here for Information