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Accepted Insurance and Private Pay Rate

The private pay rate for room & board at the facility is $335/day (approximatly $10,000/month).  The Beechwood Home also accepts Ohio Medicaid, VA Contracts and MyCare Ohio Aetna/Molina insurance to cover this expense.

Waiting List

The Beechwood Home currently has a maximum occupancy of 80 beds, 76 of which are in private rooms.  If you are interested in residing at our facility, it is encouraged that a Waiting List Application be completed in addition to submitting medical information for the Admission Committee to review.  The Admissions Coordinator will contact you if your application has been selected for further review. 

Admissions Coordinator

Heather Hefren, MSW, LSW
Director of Social Services
Social Services/Admissions Coordinator
C: 513-702-8301
F: 513-533-6413

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Note on Visitation during COVID outbreaks: Visitation has always been permitted during the internal spread covid-19 outbreak which began on 12/28/21. 

Our recommendation to limit visitation has been entirely prompted by the goal to safeguard the wellbeing of our Visitors, Staff, and Residents. 

Visitors who have felt comfortable entering the facility since this Covid-19 outbreak began on 12/28/21 have done so freely.  A majority of our Visitors have chosen to postpone entering the facility out of concern for their own health/wellbeing, which is very much understandable. 

If you don't feel comfortable entering the facility, please share this with the Resident that you know. If you feel that they are having difficulty understanding why you made the decision you did, please contact Nursing or Social Services and we would be happy to try to help them better understand this delicate situation.  

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