Planned Giving

Tomorrow’s Promise Legacy Society

The Beechwood Home depends on its many loyal and devoted friends for legacy gifts to help fund our residents needs well into the future.  We invite you to join other friends who participate in our mission by including The Beechwood Home Foundation in your estate plans.  These gifts are endowed gifts that will allow The Beechwood Home to continue serving residents for the next 125 years.  

The Administration and Board of Trustees of The Beechwood Home serve our donors by ensuring their gifts are managed prudently and privately through The Beechwood Home Foundation.  

Making any planned gift to The Beechwood Home entitles you to membership in the Tomorrow’s Promise Legacy Society.  Your name, if you so choose, will be placed on our donor wall; a brick will be placed in your honor in our resident courtyard; and you will receive a certificate of appreciation.


A bequest is made when a donor provides in a will or living trust for the transfer of a specific amount, a specific asset, or a portion of the remainder of an estate. Assets may be cash, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate or personal property. Bequests benefiting The Beechwood Home avoid estate taxes.

Suggested wording for a bequest to benefit The Beechwood Home is as follows:
I give, devise and bequeath to the Beechwood Home, presently located at 2140 Pogue Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208, County of Hamilton, the sum of $_____________ (insert amount or percentage of estate), to be administered by the said Beechwood Home without restriction for its general purposes.

Charitable Remainder Trust

To establish one of several types of trust commitments, a donor transfers cash, securities or real estate to a trust. A fixed or variable income is paid to the donor and/or other beneficiary for life or for a specified term of years. Donors are entitled to income-tax deductions based upon the value of gifts and trust terms. Such gifts avoid capital gains and estate taxes. Commitments of this type appeal to donors who wish to contribute to The Beechwood Home and continue to receive income from investment of the gift assets.

Charitable Lead Trust

To establish this type of gift commitment, a donor transfers cash, stocks, bonds or income-producing real estate to a trust. For the term of the trust, income from these assets benefits The Beechwood Home. Thereafter, the trust principal is typically returned to the donor or passed to the donor's family. Lead trusts enable donors to pass assets to family at significantly reduced value for gift and estate-tax purposes and also can enable donors to reduce taxable income during the trust term.

Retirement Assets

Gifts from a retirement plan or IRA are made by naming The Beechwood Home as a beneficiary after a donor’s and/or spouse’s lifetime. Retirement assets can also be transferred to a charitable remainder trust to benefit Beechwood (see “Charitable Remainder Trust”). Gifts of retirement funds avoid estate and income taxes that would otherwise be paid if assets were distributed directly to family.

Life Insurance

To make a life insurance gift, a donor names The Beechwood Home as owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. Donors are entitled to income-tax deductions for new policy premiums or the cash value of an existing policy.

Remainder Interest in Real Estate

A donor’s residence, vacation home, or farm may be transferred to The Beechwood Home while reserving use of the property for the donor’s or another’s lifetime. An income-tax deduction is earned based upon the value of the property and the donor’s life expectancy. Capital gains and estate taxes are avoided. Remainder interest gifts generate current income-tax savings while allowing donors to continue lifetime use of their real estate.

The Beechwood Home administration and the Board of Trustees serve donors by ensuring their gifts are managed prudently and privately. The administration and board leaders assure that the uses of gift funds precisely follow donor wishes. Gifts made without restrictions are allocated only after the board determines the priority for their use.

Your gifts to Beechwood are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Any gift other than an outright gift in cash or securities is subject to the gift acceptance policy as approved by the Board of Trustees.

To learn more about The Beechwood Home and how you can make a difference, please contact:

Dr. Patricia Clark


The Beechwood Home