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Mental Health

The Counseling Source

The philosophy of The Counseling Source, Inc. is that all people deserve access to quality mental health care.  Consistent with that, The Counseling Source, Inc. holds that the mental health needs of people are best served in the community setting where they live and work.  They believe assessments performed and treatment rendered in these ecologically relevant settings are likely to be the most effective and will provide the client and his/her support group the greatest opportunity to participate constructively in the client's recovery.  Referrals to The Counseling Source are completed by Social Services. Therapeutic sessions are conducted within the facility.



Our contracted psychiatrist, Dr. James Shackson, meets with medically approperiate residents of The Beechwood Home on a routine basis.  Referrals to the Psychiatrist are completed either by the Unit Manager or Social Services.  Consultations are conducted within the facility.

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Note on Visitation during COVID outbreaks: Visitation has always been permitted during the internal spread covid-19 outbreak which began on 12/28/21. 

Our recommendation to limit visitation has been entirely prompted by the goal to safeguard the wellbeing of our Visitors, Staff, and Residents. 

Visitors who have felt comfortable entering the facility since this Covid-19 outbreak began on 12/28/21 have done so freely.  A majority of our Visitors have chosen to postpone entering the facility out of concern for their own health/wellbeing, which is very much understandable. 

If you don't feel comfortable entering the facility, please share this with the Resident that you know. If you feel that they are having difficulty understanding why you made the decision you did, please contact Nursing or Social Services and we would be happy to try to help them better understand this delicate situation.  

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