Everything Is Gonna Be All Right

Everything Is Gonna Be All Right
By Christina S. Callard

The day is sunny and very bright,
Yet no one is out, which really isn't right.

They are all inside, away from society,
While doctors are working with huge anxiety

Many doctors are racing to find a cure.
Without it our community is not secure.

I watch as many people mope, 
Some reason, I am still filled with hope.

Somehow I start to smile, 
Almost like it's my wedding day 
and I'm walking down the aisle.

As I go to bed I begin to ponder, 
Why them not me my brain starts to wonder.

I lay down as my mother kisses me good night,
Then she says, "Everything is gonna be all right.”

(Poet Christina Callard is the ten-year-old granddaughter of one of our residents)

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